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Business field

Hyundai Solar Energy Co., Ltd. specializes in
solar photovoltaic engineering based on solar energy.

Solar Projects

We carry out the whole solar project from the analysis of project to the development, the design, the financing, the construction and the maintenance.

ESS connected to PV Solar

ESS connected with the solar power plant can enhance the utilization of solar energy and the profit for the solar power producer.


We support the overall operation of the solar power plant and maintain the facilities and also make easier the business for power producers.

Major projects & Construction cases

The conditions of all solar plants could not be identical. To maximize the efficiency of solar power generation system, Hyundai Solar Energy installs high efficiency power generation system through the analysis of cases such as local weather, soil, wind, geographical characteristics and system configuration according to the purpose and applied technology for each project.

Solar power plant of forest type 100kW

Solar power plant of forest type 1MW

African Development Bank 2018 Annual Meetings

Solar business

Why choose us?

There are many solar constructors, but here is the reason why Hyundai Solar Energy is always selected!

Minimize investment costs and maximize power generation output!

With Hyundai Solar Energy Co., Ltd.'s system construction technology and know-how, investment costs are reduced reasonably and power output will be increased.

Improve profitability through market analysis

We analyze and provide the factors that affect the unit price including strategic market data, strategic market trends, and global market trends.

Thorough monitoring and maintenance

We monitor the power generation quantity and detect the abnormality of product in advance to minimize the damage and guarantee the industry's longest maintenance period.

Community developping together

We try to establish good values as businessmen and create a healthy corporate culture with an honest attitude..